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HTC - Into the "Cloud" with HTC
  • HTC - Into the "Cloud" with HTC
  • HTC - Into the "Cloud" with HTC
  • HTC - Into the "Cloud" with HTC
  • HTC - Into the "Cloud" with HTC
  • HTC - Into the "Cloud" with HTC
  • HTC - Into the "Cloud" with HTC


Into the "Cloud" with HTC

Context and goals
HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, is about to launch its new HTC One, that will be positioned as a top selection smartphone.
With the aim of launching the brand new smartphone and take the opportunity to increase the HTC brand awareness, Now! PR handled the preview presentation to the media and then the public launch with an extraordinary event.

Organization of a top event in an exceptional location – a one that was consistent with the technology, design and innovation concepts which characterize HTC. The event was structured to display the new product and engage not only the media, but also the partners and the public.
The HTC exclusive preview presentation event took place at the new Congress Centre “La Nuvola” (the cloud) designed by archistar Massimiliano Fuksas, and was exceptionally opened for the occasion.
Two relevant moments of the press event:
• Press conference – with speakers including Studio Fuksas’ architects
• Engagement – a thrilling moment dedicated to the “product experience”, when the media involved tested the HTC One and the new Zoe function (an animated photo gallery), filming the amazing show organized during the presentation.

The event was designed to attract a multi-target media, not just consumer and B2B tech, but also to the design, lifestyle, news, blogger and broadcast media (TV & radio).

During the evening, the presentation continued with the extended target, involving the public in the “HTC One Night”

• Overall event management
• Speaker management and interviews, including Fuksas Studio and EUR S.p.A.
• Sharing on the official HTC social channels, Facebook and Twitter, posts and albums dedicated to the new HTC One launch into the “Cloud”
• Managing the “HTC One Night”, an ad hoc event realized both for the media and the consumer public at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana (Colosseo Quadrato), dealing with the HTC social channels, Facebook and Twitter: the event was open to consumers by invitation. A special way to access was provided to the first 300 HTC Facebook fans who commented the dedicated post.


Press Conference @LA NUVOLA

  • 110 journalists and 45 partner / dealer attended
  • 73 articles produced by the day
  • 13 one-to-one interviews
  • 2 photo albums dedicated posted on the HTC Italy Facebook page. Albums produced:
  • 21 sharing
  • 4 tags

HTC One Night @Palazzo della Civiltà Romana

  • 4.325 participants
  • 70 VIPs in the list
  • 6 photo albums uploaded on the HTC Italy Facebook page. Albums produced:
  • 64 sharing
  • 384 tags