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ABA Invest in Austria - Austria, in the middle of innovation
  • ABA Invest in Austria - Austria, in the middle of innovation
  • ABA Invest in Austria - Austria, in the middle of innovation

ABA Invest in Austria

Austria, in the middle of innovation

Context and goals
ABA - Invest in Austria is the agency which promotes foreign investment in Austria and assigned Now!PR the task to consolidate the image of Austria as an ideal business location for Italian companies.
Due to the strong commitment of Austria to the R&D world – with European leading clusters of research and innovation and with a strong incentives policy for companies investing heavily in R&D – it was needed to create a PR campaign entirely focused on the R&D theme, with the aim of achieving at least 30 articles dedicated to this theme in order to increase the Italian companies’ contacts to ABA for the possible settlement of their business in Austria.

In addition to the institutional communication activities, we activated a strategy for the promotion of the Austrian excellence of the R&D area and in particular in the industries of the future: Biosciences, Environment & Renewable Energy, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Mobility. The goal consisted in reaching not only an economic and local audience, but also media specialized in different industries, levering on the innovative impact of the Austrian and foreign companies operating successfully in Austria.

• Development of an ad hoc communication plan for the whole duration of the project
• Design and implementation of press releases referred to the different R&D areas
• Creation of ambassadors: Italian researchers with successful careers in Austria have become real testimonial for the opportunities related to the R&D in Austria
• Press and thematic trips: focused on Biosciences and ICT, in order to allow journalists to "touch" and visit facilities and cutting-edge laboratories and interviewing the ambassadors
• Business event in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore "Innovation in Austria" dedicated to managers in the Milan area who deal with the R&D in Italy.

The implementation of a dedicated communication plan produced the publication of 30+ articles on the major national and local newspapers and specialized magazines, both paper and online.
It was reported an increase of the contacts from Italian companies to ABA for a possible business implementation.