• Corporate

    As every organization needs to create solid and positive connections with a variety of stakeholders we facilitate the positive dialogue developing strategies and activities to explain, involve and engagement the target audiences.
    We take care of our clients’ corporate reputation and public image with the goal of enhancing relations with strategic stakeholders and reach business objectives.
  • Finance

    Communicate financial organizations, their brands, products and services to the media and the stakeholders, support the management in handling relations with investors and analysts for listed companies: these are our area of expertise. On one hand we look after corporate and product communication in banking and financial markets, on the other, we offer advisory and coaching to listed companies in the area of IR, to enhance relations with analysts, investors and the market.
  • Technology & Innovation

    Destination & Travel
    The latest news explained to geeks, new products and technologies promoted within a variety of audiences, the ultimate solutions for businesses: leading companies and dynamic start-ups in innovation R&D rely on us for communication, since 2000. It’s our DNA. Now!PR communicated the launch of leading international brands and communicates multinational companies and SMEs of innovation and technology sector, to positively dialogue with business and consumer audiences.
  • Destination & Travel

    Destination & Travel
    From the definition of destination marketing strategy to the destination positioning, the launch of new resorts to tech companies of the travel sector: Now!PR brings the travel industry to the world.
    It’s the lifestyle expertise of Now!PR applied to the leisure communications, from the gourmet side to wellness and healthy living.
Case Studies
  • HTCInto the "Cloud" with HTC
  • VerbatimTransforming technology: from storage devices to LED lamps