Now!PR with Davide Cassani launches the first edition of Let's Ride Bike Show in Vairano (PV)

Great success of public and press for Let's Ride Bike Show, the first "two days" in Italy entirely dedicated to the bike world.

Now! PR handled the press conference in Milan at the temporary store Opel Adam & Milan Thursday, June 6, involving lots of journalists (sport, lifestyle and news media).
Davide Cassani, a former professional cyclist nowadays TV speaker, Piero Nigrelli, ANCMA President, and Paola Trotta, Director of communications of Opel, introduced the event to the media and the event’s partners.

Afterwards, on Saturday 15 and Sunday June 16 at Vairano took place an unusual weekend of competitions, exhibitions, road tests and presentations of famous personalities from the world of Italian cycling. Now!PR involved lots of media, local and national, at different times of the days (from the Bike parade of hystorical bycicle to the presentations of famous people such as Alfredo Martini, grand old man of Italian cycling, and Auro Bulbarelli).

Let's Bike is an innovative project by ASC, a company that manages the circuit Vairano, and was developed with the passion and expertise of Davide Cassani and with an exceptional partner, Opel, only manufacturer to offer Flex Fix, a fully integrated and easy to use system of bicycle transport.

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